ETHEREUM Blockchain

Blockchain tecnology is useful to develop application that involve cryptocurrency and non modifiable data; its capability to replicate and spread data across a wide peer-to-peer network makes blockchain a very good solution for complex problems like self-sovereign identity management and food traceability.

Ethereum can be viewed as a decentralized worlwide computing infrastructure, capable of running software in the form of smart contracts and determining its global state by mean of consensus algorithms.

This work regards implementing a Dapp as a feasibility study for made-in-Italy food traceability by blockchain.

We built up an Ethereum full client with GETH on Rinkeby testnet; this node permits interaction with the smart contract FILIERA (written in Solidity); traceability data (and related timestamp) may be inserted into Ethereum (and read) by a code-bar driven web interface.

More, we developed a temperature sensor for refrigerators, capable to perform automatic insertion of T data into Ethereum.

This work is implemented in Solidity (smart contract), Javascript (web interface), Python and C (temperature sensor).


Designer, Coder

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Refrigerator temperature sensor

Dapp screenshot

Dapp data diagram

Smart contract "filiera" (fragment)