Digitalization of the public administration is a complex and time-consuming task; it will become much more strategic in the next years for Italy and Europe.

We are actually partecipating in this process, designing and coding a digitalization suite for italian regions; this suite will allow creating and voting of regional laws with no paper, with a huge saving of time and money.

In the meantime, Consiglio Regionale del Lazio is just using our remote voting software DigitVoto (we developed it for EDISCO srl) on a day-by-day basis, both for the parliamentary hall and for commissions.

DigitVoto is a part of DigitPL, the complete digitalization procedure for regional-laws making. DigitPL is made with Labview, PHP and Javascript; it will be ready by the end of 2021.

You can read a paper about the DigitVoto app here (italian only).


Designer, Coder

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