LoRa IoT system


We're currently developing a LoRa system for outdoor air pollution monitoring. It will be capable of detecting dangerous volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, dioxide nitrogen.

It will also collect temperature, humidity and barometric data.

This system will be battery operated and will be equipped with a solar panel for autonomous operation; it will be installed in Parco delle Sabine (north of Rome);

the data will be trasmitted to a LoRa router (2 km away) and then forwarded to our web server, by mean of LoRa provider "The Things Network".

Data will be available to the public, beyond-limits events will be notified by Telegram.

LoRaWan application front end on The Things Network

Labview LoRaWan test app

LoRaWan gateway front end on The Things Network

LoRaWan gateway