About Us

We develop custom scientific and industrial software. Our work includes data signal acquiring and analysis, device control software. We develop complex web portals, both for scientific and commercial uses.

We create machine learning applications, using neural networks programming on GPU modules and metaheuristic approaches (swarm intelligence, bio-inspired computation).

We create complete custom Dapps and smart contracts for Ethereum blockchain.

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Our expertise and skills

Labview programming
IoT hardware design
Machine learning
Fuzzy systems design

Our Services

Web Design

we develop complex custom web portals and apps

Fuzzy systems

custom fuzzy systems for decision making and control

IoT and industry

custom software/hardware solutions for IoT/industry

Machine learning

deep neural networks and metaheuristic programming

Our Works

4 Italian patents
7.500 Labview VI
1.000.000 Line of Codes
220 Project Finish

database routine in DigitPL suite

E-R diagram (fragment) for DigitPL suite